The Tongue (Sept 16, 2018)

Sermon Title:  The Tongue

Worship service date:  Sept 16, 2018

Interim Pastor Thomas Hiltsley

Primary Bible verse:

James 3

Key sermon points:

James encourages us to listen, hear, and do the Word.  Double-mindedness is cause of damaging conversation.

James chapter 3 confronts double-mindedness in the Christian’s communication:

  • Words have power to do good or evil, harm or heal. (Think speech, FaceBook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Words can ignite a conflagration within a person’s mind or within a community.
  • “A small rudder controls a large ship.”
    • God’s Word = chart and compass
    • Holy Spirit = Pilot / Captain
    • Our mind / heart = helmsman
    • Tongue / words (speech, text, FB, etc.) = rudder

“Out of the believer’s heart will flow rivers of living water,” – Jesus (John 7:38)